“We can eat the foods we already enjoy eating,
even “junk” food, and still achieve amazing results

– as long as we do so in a manner that
supports our metabolic direction.”




“We can eat the foods we already enjoy eating,
even “junk” food, and still achieve amazing results

– as long as we do so in a manner that
supports our metabolic direction.”

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Instead of changing our food (which has little influence on metabolic utilization) to get results, we change


This technique allows us to do something that is commonly thought to be impossible – place our bodies into a deep-efficient fasted state, without actually “fasting.”


This technique allows us to achieve a physiological response that is likely believed implausible by nutritionists: burning fat while consuming carbohydrates.


Increase endurance without endurance training, promote fat loss within minutes of exercise, gain strength without size, gain muscle with little work, and so much more.


Learn why our metabolic direction dictates the effectiveness of our supplements. It is so influential that even antioxidants can promote unfavorable responses.


Possibly the most simple diet solution — ever.


  • SIN is available as an instant download ebook in every format needed to allow it to be read on any device.
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A Note From the Author:

SIN is the ultimate explanation for all of our physiological responses.

Our survival instinct’s foremost desire is to preserve fuel – at any cost. This can be seen in our metabolic direction, which currently causes confusion because of how we perceive the symptoms (expressions) of these responses. A common example of this is gaining fat, a survival mechanism that no one wants to trigger, except when we become perilously stuck in the wilderness. In such an environment we would want to preserve as much fat as possible. We see fat gain (anabolism of fat cells) as bad, but it’s really an unfavorable result to an objectively good response that is meant to keep us alive. Merely using adjectives like “good” or “bad” is inherently subjective and is not aligned with our current perspective on how our bodies actually respond. Let’s look at the opposite reaction: If we increase anabolism in our muscle fibers (grow muscle), this is “good” because we are growing and adapting. What about our muscle fibers being catabolic (breaking down)? Is this “good” or “bad”? One may be quick to say losing muscle is bad, but it depends. If we are stranded in the wilderness with no food and our muscles are catabolic for days – this would be an unfavorable experience, but not a bad physiological response. If our muscle could not breakdown, then we would not be able to use the fibers as an energy source to survive – and we would die. Now, that is objectively bad. If we are exercising and breaking down our muscles under controlled conditions, then it’s favorable because we can adapt and make them stronger.

Our bodies are made to survive in extreme conditions, so our metabolism naturally wants to move towards one direction to maintain efficiency. If we send our bodies signals to be both anabolic and catabolic, or signal the direction opposite of what they desire, we will weaken our metabolism. This can weaken our immune response and increase inflammation, resulting in an increased risk of disease and cancer. This is why metabolic dysfunction is so dangerous, and understanding our metabolic direction can be advantageous.

If we help our bodies move in their natural metabolic direction, we can strengthen our metabolism and achieve unbelievable results. Specific environments and food will have a direct influence on our metabolic direction, which means we can categorize them as anabolic or catabolic. Once we know this, it’s as simple as plugging in the best “influencer” for our needs. This allows us to reverse-engineer the most important factors that affect fat loss, muscle gain, and overall health in our bodies. This means we don’t have to count calories, we don’t have to eat gross “healthy” cheat foods, we don’t have to change the quantity of food we eat, and we don’t have to follow someone else’s meal plan. We can eat the foods we already enjoy eating, even “junk” food, and still achieve amazing results – as long as we do so in a manner that supports our metabolic direction.

These responses dictate how we age, our immune responses, our mental health, our hormone balances, when we lose our hair, how our skin looks, and every physiological response we experience. This makes SIN the last diet anyone will ever have to try – the ultimate diet.

Because I’m Claiming to Have the “Ultimate” Diet,
I Offer a Guarantee and Price Disclosure Unlike Any Other:


After Reading SIN,
Get a Full Refund if You Don’t Agree With Any of These Statements:

  • SIN is unlike any other diet I have ever read, seen, or heard before.

  • SIN progresses our understanding of our bodies, medicine, and health.

  • SIN showed me how to lose fat without changing what type of food I eat.


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Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) with answers. Thank you for your interest!

The SIN Diet or Survival Instinct Nutrition Diet is a program with techniques that use our bodies’ natural survival mechanisms to lose fat, gain muscle, and increase our metabolic strength. The techniques are derived from research, case studies, and over 10 years of personal and secondhand experiences, creating a dramatic formula for success that is unlike any other diet ever created.
Using the acronym SIN felt fitting because of what we are allowed to do when using the plan. We can eat what is traditionally labeled as “cheat food” while still losing fat, we can consume food while “fasting” to enhance the fast, and we can perform other acts that go against popular diet protocols that would be considered “bad” for us.
Survival Instinct Nutrition is suitable for people of all genders, all ages, and all body types. SIN is great for general goals like losing fat and gaining muscle, or specific goals like gaining strength without size. Due to the conceptual outline of the program and it being based on strengthening our metabolism, everyone can greatly benefit from the guidelines. The program has had a 100% success rate for all participants who followed the techniques.
This will vary greatly depending on metabolic strength, lifestyle, and other factors outlined in SIN. Even though a core concept of SIN is increasing the use of fat as energy, weight loss is not necessarily the primary goal. Muscle is much denser than fat, so we can lose fat without it showing on the scale. This is a very common and a natural occurrence when we strengthen our metabolism; we become leaner (gain muscle and lose fat). A much better indicator of fat loss is dropping sizes in our waist line.
The same food that caused us fat gain before starting SIN may no longer do so after strengthening our metabolism. Furthermore, the techniques in SIN were designed to create the largest impact with the smallest changes. This makes the program very manageable and easy to incorporate into any lifestyle.
Absolutely! There is no set dietary requirements for SIN. The techniques are made to adjust to our needs instead of vice versa as with most diets. This is why so many different types of people succeed with SIN. There is no loading phase and no need to buy any different food. It’s as easy as implementing a few simple techniques.
There are many benefits with getting an ebook over a paper book. It saves time and money (from printing and shipping costs) and you can start learning the techniques of SIN right now. SIN is available as an instant download ebook that can be read on any PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, Smartphone, Tablet, or E-Reader. After your purchase you have instant access, you can transfer it to as many devices as you like, and you can print out pages.
If you don’t like the book, you get a refund. It’s that simple. I offer a 30 day money back guarantee, which gives you time to try SIN. You don’t have to give me any explanation (unless you want to – I’m always open to feedback). Simply let me know you want a refund and you’ll get your money back.
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